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6 Cool and Funny Airsoft Patches

March 10, 2017 no comments Airsoft Patches

What are Airsoft Patches?

Today, most Airsoft players wear combat gear for protection or camouflage. Most of the wearable combat gear on the market today has spots with Velcro on them. On these spots you can either attach Airsoft combat gear, like pouches or other gear. If you have Velcro on your gear that you don’t use for anything, why not put something fun and cheap there? Airsoft Patches are patches made out of funny memes or logos done in a funny way.

There’s a huge variety of Airsoft Patches out there. After hours upon hours we found and selected some of the funniest ones from Amazon.


1.   100% Savage Velcro Patch

2.   Beast Mode Activated Patch

3.   Grab A Sniper Snickers Patch

4.   I’m Not In Danger, I Am The Danger Patch

5.   Just The Tip Patch

6.   My Mom Thinks I’m Special Velcro Patch

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