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6 Cool and Awesome Hats for Airsoft Snipers

March 18, 2017 no comments Combat Gear

In Airsoft your head should be your first priority when it comes to protection.

If you are using hats for camouflaging we recommend Boonies, as they break the silhouette of your head into the environment.

We found 6 Great head wear for camouflaging and protection.

Hope you enjoy our list!


1.   Military Army Camo Leaf Cap

It is a great item to have if you are one of those who like outdoor sports! The back of the cap are flexible,lightweight, waterproof and quick drying. Fit for both men and women, it is the apple in many outdoor sports eyes!

2.   Realtree Licensed Camo Knit Cuff Beanie

Realtree Camo Cuff Knit Beanie Polyester Knit Beanie Lined with Black Knit. Great for cold weather, hunting and Airsoft. One size fits most.

3.   Mil-Tec At-Digital Camo Trilam Boonie Hat

This hat features three layers. The first and third layer are 100% nylon, the second is a breathable polyurethane. It is durable and waterproof equipped with holes for ventilation along with crown. It is small enough to be folded and placed in a backpack or even your pocket. It can be machine washable without losing shape or color.

4.   Russian Soviet Army KGB Hat

Faux-fur, inside it has black satin and is well padded. 3 ways to wear. It has flaps on the side and back that come down to cover your neck. It’s perfect for men, women, and kids.

5.   Multicam Cap & USA Flag Patch Bundle

Great condor tactical Multicam hat with use flag patch included for front Velcro. (2″x3″ dimensions) front American flag patch for a Multicam hat – 2a tactical gear brand. Patch will match color of cap. Subdued mil-spec patch. 100% embroidery with Velcro backing.

6.   Rabbit Fur Trapper Ushanka Russian Hat

A great cold weather 100% rabbit fur lined trapper hat, the nylon shell is windproof and waterproof, perfect for winter skiing, hiking, hunting, snowboarding, dogwalking.
Button the earflaps up or down: it can flip the flaps all the way up when it’s not so cold, or flip the flaps halfway down to cover and warm the ears a little bit and when need to really warm up you can flip the flaps all the way down around your chin.

We hope you enjoyed our list! Please leave a comment or like below the post 🙂

Have a great day!

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