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Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles Summer 2017

May 30, 2017 no comments Airsoft Sniper Rifles

We at TopAirsoftSnipers have created a list of the Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles for the Summer 2017. This list is based on recent reviews and peoples recommendations. We hope you have a blast this summer and get some great Sniper Kills during Airsoft. Number 5 The BT-96 (L96) Airsoft Sniper Rifle Number 4 The […]

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How To Wash Airsoft BBs For Better Accuracy

April 5, 2017 no comments Airsoft BBs

Why wash Airsoft BBs? Accuracy is really important when it comes to the sport Airsoft. Your goal is to take out the enemy by hitting him with your BBs. So obviously, having good accuracy is important. You want your shots to go as consistent as possible. A lot of people (including us) has noticed something […]

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How To Camouflage Your Face With Face Paint For Airsoft

March 31, 2017 no comments Airsoft Sniper Guides

Why should you camouflage your face? One of the most important parts to camouflage is actually your face. Many Snipers argue that there is no point with a ghilliesuit unless you also camouflage your face. Your face is mostly going to be directed towards the enemy so spotting your face is going to be an easy job! It doesn’t […]

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How to be an Airsoft Sniper

March 20, 2017 one comment Airsoft Sniper Guides

 – Before entering the role as a “Sniper” You need to know and understand that the Sniper Role will give you a hard time as an Airsoft Player. Really do your research and determine if this role is for you. We see way to many people rushing into the role coming out disappointed, because they […]

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6 Cool and Awesome Hats for Airsoft Snipers

March 18, 2017 no comments Combat Gear

In Airsoft your head should be your first priority when it comes to protection. If you are using hats for camouflaging we recommend Boonies, as they break the silhouette of your head into the environment. We found 6 Great head wear for camouflaging and protection. Hope you enjoy our list!   1.   Military Army Camo […]

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How to Maintenance and Clean Your Airsoft Sniper Rifle

March 14, 2017 no comments Airsoft Pistols, Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Why is cleaning your gun so important? There are several of reasons to why you should take care of your gun. We have made a little list about some of the reasons: 1.   To increase the accuracy and the performance of your gun. This is probably the most important reason to why you should […]

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6 Great Tactical Combat Boots For Airsoft

March 12, 2017 no comments Combat Gear

Why is good boots important playing Airsoft? The injuries that takes place in Airsoft the most is not BB injuries, but ankle injuries. Therefore it is important with a proper pair off boots. These boots are designed for marching in the wilds and for Airsoft play! In Airsoft games our team has seen countless injuries, […]

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6 Cool and Funny Airsoft Patches

March 10, 2017 no comments Airsoft Patches

What are Airsoft Patches? Today, most Airsoft players wear combat gear for protection or camouflage. Most of the wearable combat gear on the market today has spots with Velcro on them. On these spots you can either attach Airsoft combat gear, like pouches or other gear. If you have Velcro on your gear that you […]

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6 Cool Airsoft Rubber Training Knives

March 9, 2017 no comments Airsoft Knives

We found 6 Awesome Airsoft Rubber Knives! After searching hours upon hours on Amazon, we found the coolest and cheapest Airsoft rubber training knives! They are all made of rubber so you don’t actually hurt your enemy. The knives should be allowed to use at your Airsoft field, but be sure to ask any referee. […]

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A Cheap, Awesome and Simple Scope Camera Setup!

March 5, 2017 no comments Airsoft Scopes

Why use a Scope Cam? Sometimes playing airsoft you strike lucky and hit a crazy shot, regardless what role you play. Of course you are going to tell the people around you about this experience. This is why more and more people turn to Scope Cameras. They just don’t want to tell you about the […]

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