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The Best Airsoft Pistol / Sidearm 2017

March 1, 2017 no comments Airsoft Pistols

Why you need a good Sidearm / Pistol: There comes times playing Airsoft, where your enemy gets way too close. During these times you do not want to pull out your Airsoft Sniper Rifle or Airsoft Rifle for the following reasons: In most fields there is a minimum distance for different types of guns or […]

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What is the best Scope for Airsoft Sniper Rifles?

February 26, 2017 no comments Airsoft Scopes

Why is a good scope important? One of the most necessary Airsoft Sniper Rifle attachments are scopes. Without a good scope on your rifle, you won’t be able to get the best out of your gun. There’s a huge variety out there, so we at TopAirsoftSnipers hand-picked the best ones for you! There’s few things […]

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What is the best heavyweight Airsoft Sniper BB?

February 22, 2017 no comments Airsoft BBs

Why is good BBs important? There are several reasons not to buy the cheapest and first BBs you find on the market. We have tested out different BBs and we had to throw out a lot of low-quality ones. But we did end up with some good ones, which you can find in our store! […]

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What is the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle for beginners?

February 20, 2017 no comments Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Why do you choose to be sniper? Lately the sport Airsoft has blown up all over the world, and in this sport there are many play-roles: Rifle-man Recon Heavy Infantry Medic Grenadier And at last, The Sniper. Now there are many reasons why people want to go into the sport being a Sniper: You want that ONE […]

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