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How To Wash Airsoft BBs For Better Accuracy

April 5, 2017 no comments Airsoft BBs

Why wash Airsoft BBs? Accuracy is really important when it comes to the sport Airsoft. Your goal is to take out the enemy by hitting him with your BBs. So obviously, having good accuracy is important. You want your shots to go as consistent as possible. A lot of people (including us) has noticed something […]

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What is the best heavyweight Airsoft Sniper BB?

February 22, 2017 no comments Airsoft BBs

Why is good BBs important? There are several reasons not to buy the cheapest and first BBs you find on the market. We have tested out different BBs and we had to throw out a lot of low-quality ones. But we did end up with some good ones, which you can find in our store! […]

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