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How To Camouflage Your Face With Face Paint For Airsoft

March 31, 2017 no comments Airsoft Sniper Guides

Why should you camouflage your face? One of the most important parts to camouflage is actually your face. Many Snipers argue that there is no point with a ghilliesuit unless you also camouflage your face. Your face is mostly going to be directed towards the enemy so spotting your face is going to be an easy job! It doesn’t […]

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How to be an Airsoft Sniper

March 20, 2017 one comment Airsoft Sniper Guides

 – Before entering the role as a “Sniper” You need to know and understand that the Sniper Role will give you a hard time as an Airsoft Player. Really do your research and determine if this role is for you. We see way to many people rushing into the role coming out disappointed, because they […]

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