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6 Cool and Awesome Hats for Airsoft Snipers

March 18, 2017 no comments Combat Gear

In Airsoft your head should be your first priority when it comes to protection. If you are using hats for camouflaging we recommend Boonies, as they break the silhouette of your head into the environment. We found 6 Great head wear for camouflaging and protection. Hope you enjoy our list!   1. ¬†¬†Military Army Camo […]

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6 Great Tactical Combat Boots For Airsoft

March 12, 2017 no comments Combat Gear

Why is good boots important playing Airsoft? The injuries that takes place in Airsoft the most is not BB injuries, but ankle injuries. Therefore it is important with a proper pair off boots. These boots are designed for marching in the wilds and for Airsoft play! In Airsoft games our team has seen countless injuries, […]

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