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How to be an Airsoft Sniper

March 20, 2017 one comment Airsoft Sniper Guides

 – Before entering the role as a “Sniper”

You need to know and understand that the Sniper Role will give you a hard time as an Airsoft Player. Really do your research and determine if this role is for you. We see way to many people rushing into the role coming out disappointed, because they didn’t get unbelievably long-shots from their rifle, and they end up in frustrated buying a new gun or leaving the sport for good. For some reason people think going into the Sniper Role that they will get more kills than any other role on the field, but the truth is the complete opposite. Usually they get the least kills on the field (depends on the game). The Airsoft Sniper Role is looked upon as one of the hardest Airsoft roles to play, so really think about your choice, as you might get disappointed. We here are going to cover a lot of areas on Airsoft Sniping, but remember to also do your own research. Knowledge doesn’t hurt!

 – Gear selection and recommendations


As an Airsoft Sniper you really do need a sidearm. Don’t go off buying the most expensive one at the market, that is totally unnecessary. You are only going to use the sidearm in close-range, so you don’t need a sidearm that can shoot the same distance as your Airsoft Sniper Rifle. There comes times playing Airsoft, where your enemy gets way too close. During these times you do not want to pull out your Airsoft Sniper Rifle or Airsoft Rifle for the following reasons:

  • In most fields there is a minimum distance for different types of guns or FPS. So might not be allowed to use your 400 fps Airsoft Sniper Rifle at 20 meters / yards.
  • You don’t want to actually hurt your enemy, with a way to powerful gun. As the higher the FPS the more it hurts! So keep your distance with these guns!
  • It is hard to move your Airsoft Rifle fast enough along with the enemy (because of the weight) this also makes it hard to hit the target through your scope.
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Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Obviously you need an Airsoft Sniper Rifle. We recommend to use a spring-powered Sniper Rifle, as they are more cheap than gas-powered ones, and honestly they are more reliable. The FPS of your gun is important to have a look at. You want a minimum of at least 300 FPS for your Airsoft Sniper Rifle, as you ARE going to use it for long-range. It is also important to choose the weight of your BBs accordingly to the FPS of you Airsoft Gun. The higher the FPS the heavier the BB (this is for accuracy purposes). Here are some things to look for when purchasing an Airsoft Sniper Rifle:

  • FPS (feet per second). You should go for a minimum of 300 FPS. 400-450 FPS is a good range for Airsoft Sniping.
  • Upgrading Capability. This is important for your gun as you might want to change things with your rifle after some time behind the scope. If it is the inner barrel, hop-up chamber. Have a look on the market if there is a possibility for upgrade-able parts for your gun.
  • Scope. You really do need a scope. It is the main way for Snipers to aim. Be sure to check if the Airsoft Sniper comes with a scope, if it doesn’t order one along with the gun.
  • Accuracy. This will honestly vary from one model to another. Do your research online and look into what other people have to say about the gun, which brings me to the last point:
  • Online Reviews. What do other people recommend? What experience have they got with the gun so far? Ask these questions in online forums, or under YouTube-videos before selecting an Airsoft Gun for purchase.

After selecting an Airsoft Sniper Rifle there is one important part to accuracy, BBs.

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Airsoft BBs (Airsoft Ammunition)

There are several reasons not to buy the cheapest and first BBs you find on the market. Here are some reasons to why you should buy high-quality BBs:

  • Cheap BBs will not fly consistently, and will fly off to random directions. (Accuracy)
  • As your Airsoft Sniper Rifle have a strong piston low-quality BBs might shatter and end up in pieces IN YOUR GUN!
  • You don’t want BBs that can be off actual danger to an enemy. (They might shatter impacting a face-mask and actually go through the mask,  going in eyes and whatnot!)
  • You don’t want to get BBs jammed up in your gun.

Good / Bad BBs make a world of difference. Both performance wise and reliability wise. To have a good experience playing as an Airsoft Sniper, even if your just starting out we recommend using high-quality BBs.

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As earlier mentioned having a scope on your Airsoft Sniper Rifle is mandatory, as it really makes a world of difference. Now you really don’t need to buy an expensive scope as they are often meant for Airguns or even real firearms. You are not going to be shooting targets further back then a 100m / 330ft so you don’t need great zoom on your optical. Choose a simple and cheap Scope with the possibility to “zero in the scope”. Don’t worry most scopes, if not all scopes have this option. Look for a scope with good reviews, and you should be fine.

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A lot of people start of Airsoft Sniping buying tons of camouflaging-equipment thinking the enemy never will get a look at you. The most important part when it comes to not getting spotted is movement. Doesn’t matter if you look like a bush. If a bush ran through the forest you would know something is not right.

Don’t get us wrong! Camouflage is important! But your main-budget shouldn’t be in camouflage-equipment. We recommend buying some camouflaging equipment if your wallet offers so. If not, just put on a dark sweater of some sort. Do not use any bright-colored clothing as you will be spotted instantly out in the field because of the contrast between you and the background. Also when it comes to camouflaging, don’t overdo it. You don’t want your camouflage to slow your performance down. Go simple.


Know your Airsoft Sniper Rifle

1. Research your gun. Do research online on your gun about its limitations and statistics. Take this data into consideration when practicing.

2. Zeroing. Zero in your scope along with your gun to get the best possible accuracy out of your scope.

3. Trigger. Feel the trigger-response on your gun. Learn how far you need to pull the trigger for the gun to shoot.

4. BBs. Test out different BBs to see what brand and what weight gives your gun the best accuracy and range.

5. Hop-up Adjustment.  Find the best position for your hop-up for different ranges.

6. Range Practice. Know the limitations of your gun. Do some practice shooting on different distances to see at what range you can relay on your gun and when to not.

7. Weather Affection. Try shooting in different weather conditions as well. Check how the different wind-speeds affects your shots.

8. Reloading. Practice the reloading-movement. When you are out in the field you want this to go as fast as possible.




The thing that is going to give your position of 9/10 is movement. Many Airsoft Snipers don’t take movement into consideration as much as they should. Practice with some friends during night. They hold off a point and you need to get past them or something without getting spotted. Just so that you can practice on your movement. While playing as an Airsoft Sniper, stay low and move slowly. Look at your environment for cover-opportunities tall grass and bushes are the best, if there are no options like this nearby go for trees, boulders or big roots.

When you are really close to the enemy team you need to roll your feet to make the least sound as possible. You do this by stepping down on your heel and rolling you foot slowly towards the ground up to your toes.

Pay attention to what direction the wind blows. Not just for the purpose of affection on your shot but for camouflage reasons. You should move along with the wind-direction as this will better camouflage your movements.

Always have an escape-route in mind. There will come times where enemies gets to close or they outnumber you. These are the times to when you should use your escape-route. Run as fast as you can if you already have been spotted, then there is no reason to try to keep hidden by slow movements.

Be physically fit for the job! Go for a jog once or twice a week. It really will open up a new door for opportunities on the field. You will be able to escape faster and run from one cover to another without totally loosing your breath. You will also be able to hold your breath and keep calm for longer during you shooting.

Always move. The most common mistake Airsoft Snipers do is staying at one position for a long time. Only take a couple of shots on each position for maximum efficiency. Your opponent will have a harder time countering and flanking you. Only move when you know that no-one can see you. If you have to, crawl. This might be slow and grinding your gears, but at least your enemy will have no idea where the sniper will strike from next.


An Airsoft Sniper really do need a lot of patience.


If you get the chance, explore the map you’ll be playing on beforehand if possible. This will give you an idea about possible covers and shooting-positions.

Read about the team you are up against. Take into consideration how many players there are going to be on the opposite team. The more players the further back you should start of with your sniping-position.

Clean your gun before a big game. You’ll probably not be needing to clean the internal-parts of the gun, unless you haven’t done this in a while. Clean the inner barrel.

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Shooting & Cover

When finding your cover, try finding a high position to get a better view of your opponents. The best is to lay down in some cover that people don’t find to obvious, like some tall grass or a bush. You opponents vision will automatically be drawn to boulders and big trees. Start off by shooting enemies that are shooting on teammates, if you can’t spot any of them shoot the closest enemy as they are more likely to spot you. Cycle your bolt in a slow and soundless way to not attract attention. Don’t hold your breath and then shoot, hold your breath, exhale, then take the shot whilst exhaling. While exhaling, your body is the most calm and this is actually how professional Snipers take their shots.


Talk to your teammates to hear what tactic they will be using on the field. You can adapt your sniping-position to fit the goal of your team.


We hope you enjoyed our Airsoft Sniper Guide! If you have any additional helpful information, please comment it down below for others to see.

Be safe and have fun Airsoft Sniping.

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