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How To Camouflage Your Face With Face Paint For Airsoft

March 31, 2017 no comments Airsoft Sniper Guides

Why should you camouflage your face?

One of the most important parts to camouflage is actually your face. Many Snipers argue that there is no point with a ghilliesuit unless you also camouflage your face. Your face is mostly going to be directed towards the enemy so spotting your face is going to be an easy job! It doesn’t really matter what skin-color you have, because your face is not going to match the environment around you. The point of camouflage is to blend in with the environment around you so the enemy has a harder time spotting you.

How do you apply camouflage to your face?


Depending on your location you need to change the look of the face-camouflage. Let’s say you are in the forest, then you should use colors like green, brown and black. If you’re in a desert-area you should wear light-brown, dark-brown and maybe some black. If you are in the snow, apply the colors white and black.

– Applying the colors

The point of camouflaging the face is to break up the pattern of how you normally recognize a face. Some areas are brighter then others because the sun has an easier time hitting them, so we are going to apply the face paint completely opposite to what is normal to the eye!

Firstly you should add the light colors to the face. If you add the dark colors first, the light colors will not show as good. In this example we will teach you how to camouflage for the forest. Don’t worry, the same rules and principles for how you apply the different colors works the same for the other environments as well. Start with putting a light-green layer all over your face. Add a bit more paint in dark areas of you face, like under the nose, around the nose under your eyebrows. These spots are normally a bit darker then other parts of the face so that is why we are making them brighter looking.

Secondly apply medium-dark colors to the cheeks and forehead. These parts of the face has medium-brightness. There is no opposite of medium so you have to use the medium-dark colors for this task.

Note: Try to apply the colors in diagonal strokes, as this will also reduce the chance of the enemy to recognize the face.

Thirdly and lastly, apply the dark color (black or dark-brown) on to the nose. The nose is usually the most bright part of the face as it sticks out more and catches more of the sun. Because we are creating an illusion to confuse the enemy we are doing the opposite by applying the dark color on to the nose.

Great camouflage face paint:

Bobbie Weiner 5 Color Face Paint Kit

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