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How to Maintenance and Clean Your Airsoft Sniper Rifle

March 14, 2017 no comments Airsoft Pistols, Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Why is cleaning your gun so important?

There are several of reasons to why you should take care of your gun. We have made a little list about some of the reasons:

1.   To increase the accuracy and the performance of your gun. This is probably the most important reason to why you should clean your gun both internally and externally. You obviously        want your shots to have the highest accuracy possible as this will affect your performance in-game.

2.   To increase the power (FPS) of your gun. To keep your long shots hitting you need to keep up and maintenance of your FPS parts. Cleaning the FPS parts will not only give increase your        performance in game, but also give you more options on positions to Snipe.

3.   To keep your gun-parts from breaking / getting worn out. This is important so you don’t need to spend countless money on new gun-parts and modifications.

4.   Keeping your gun clean externally will make it more pleasant to play Airsoft for you and those around you.


Different parts to maintenance on your Airsoft Gun / Sniper Rifle.

1.   Cleaning the inner barrel. This is one of the most important parts to clean for increasing accuracy.

2.   Cleaning the hop-up chamber. This is the part of the gun where the accuracy for different distances are determined.

3.   Cleaning the Magazine. You don’t want dirt in your magazine as this will feed dirty BBs to the barrel, and dirty BBs don’t shoot straight.

4.   Cleaning the insides of your gun. There are several parts inside your gun you want lubricated like the piston, spring, spring-guide and so on.

5.   Cleaning the outside of your gun. This will not improve the performance or accuracy of your gun, but your gun will look better and it will be more pleasant to play Airsoft.

How to clean the different parts of your Airsoft Gun / Sniper Rifle.

Cleaning the inner barrel and the hop-up chamber.

You cut out a small piece of a Microfiber Cloth and insert it into a Cleaning Rod.

We recommend dipping the cloth into Rubbing Alcohol. A lot of people use silicone spray to clean their barrels, but Silicone Sprays does not dissolve the same way rubbing alcohol does. Rubbing alcohol are really meant for cleaning and from our experience it works the best.

IMPORTANT: Before inserting the cleaning rod into the barrel, make sure to turn the hop-up all the way off, otherwise you will jam the cleaning rod into the hop-up bucking.

Then you smoothly insert the cloth into the inner barrel from the front and all the way into the end of the barrel.

Repeat this process with new cloths until the cloths are no longer dirty after coming out of the barrel.


Cleaning your magazines.

While playing Airsoft you should always keep your magazines in closed pockets or zip-locked bags to prevent dirt. If however your magazines are dirty it should not be to hard cleaning them.

Firstly fill a bucket up with water and put the magazines into the water. Shake them around for a bit and this should normally clean all the dirt out of the magazine.

If there is still more dirt inside the magazine, you could try to disassemble the magazine to get all the dirt out. We do not recommend this as they are a real pain to reassemble back together. You will probably have more success buying a new one.


Cleaning the inside of your gun.

There are so many different guns out there and all of them look different internally, therefore it is hard to type step-by-step tutorial on this but here are some important tips.

To access the internal parts of you gun you need to disassemble it, we recommend googling your Airsoft Gun on how to do this as this varies from gun to gun.

Put Silicone Oil on all moving rubber-parts.

Put WD-40 Metal Lubricant Spray on the metallic-parts.

Make sure to not use to much oil as this might even slow down the performance and FPS of the gun. Use just enough oil so the moving parts glides smoothly.

Remember to tighten everything tightly when reassembling your Airsoft Gun / Sniper Rifle.


Cleaning the outside of your gun.

To clean the outside of you gun, you really will only need some sort of cloth and water. Wet the cloth and gently “brush” the dirty parts of you Airsoft Gun / Sniper Rifle.

This will not only make your gun look better, but it will be more pleasant playing Airsoft for you and the people around you.


How often should you clean you Airsoft Gun?

A lot of people clean their guns after every game but you really do not need to overdo this. We recommend the following:

1.   Clean the inside of the barrel every other game.

2.   Clean the internals of the gun every 10 000 shots (approximately once a year for the average Airsoft Player).

3.   Clean the outside of your gun as often as you feel. It really depends how dirty the gun looks, and how dirty you want it to look. 🙂


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