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A Cheap, Awesome and Simple Scope Camera Setup!

March 5, 2017 no comments Airsoft Scopes

Why use a Scope Cam?

Sometimes playing airsoft you strike lucky and hit a crazy shot, regardless what role you play. Of course you are going to tell the people around you about this experience. This is why more and more people turn to Scope Cameras. They just don’t want to tell you about the crazy long-range shot, but show you the shot as well! YouTube is also a great place to share these experiences. We here at TopAirsoftSnipers has therefore included Scope-Cams in our categories, so you can share your great moments with others!

What is a Scope Camera?

The definition of a scope camera is quite simple. It is a Camera for your Scope! Normally a scope camera is mounted on your gun so you will get the same view and angle as you had when you took the shot. Here are some things to look for when buying a scope cam:

  • Price is essential. You don’t want to spend a whole lot for just sharing your experiences. That is why we picked cameras in the mid price-range.
  • Weight is important for mobility. You don’t want your setup to decrease your performance on the field.
  • Mount-ability is one of the most important parts of this list. If you don’t have any way to mount it to your gun, you won’t have a Scope Camera Setup!
  • Zoom is also an important factor when it comes to Scope Cameras. You need to be able to zoom in on your target, editing your video-file so you can look at your enemy in clear footage. That is why we picked Scope-Cameras that has built-in zoom.
  • Battery-life is something to care about. You don’t want to switch or even recharge you battery during a game, as this makes you an easy target.

What Scope Camera do we recommend for your Airsoft Setup?

We have tested different cameras, but ended up with the winner Garmin Virb Action Camera along with the Gamin Scope Mount. The camera has a built-in zoom effect and it fits great on several different kinds of scopes. You can also just attach it to the gun-barrel if you do not have a scope.

It will look something like this:

We hope you have a blast at the Airsoft field! Make share your scope-cam clips through us on twitter #airsofttop

Garmin 1-Inch Virb Scope Mount

Mount size: 4.0"L x 1.9"W (10.1 x 4.8 cm)
Mount weight: 1.8 oz. (51.0 g)
Use with any version of the Garmin Virb or Virb Elite action camera

Additional images:

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Price: $ 24,99

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