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How To Wash Airsoft BBs For Better Accuracy

April 5, 2017 no comments Airsoft BBs

Why wash Airsoft BBs?

Accuracy is really important when it comes to the sport Airsoft. Your goal is to take out the enemy by hitting him with your BBs. So obviously, having good accuracy is important. You want your shots to go as consistent as possible.

A lot of people (including us) has noticed something strange with Airsoft BBs. Washing them actually increases the accuracy significantly. Why this happens could be due to manufacturing-grease that the manufacturer don’t wash off before sending the BBs out to Airsofters. By washing this off the hop rubber of your Airsoft-gun will grip onto the BB better. Less grease will also come into the barrel resulting to less washing needed in the inner barrel.

How to wash the BBs?

There are different ways to do this:

The thorough way:

– If you want to be real thorough you can put all your BBs into a container of Coke, as this will surely remove all grease.

– After some hours in the Coke, soak and wash the BBs in hot soap-water. Keep them here for a couple more hours.

– Take out the BBs from the soap-water and lay them on a towel. A couple of hours on the towel should get them dry. You can also dry them off inside a clean sock.

Note: Don’t forget to also clean the container of the BBs, as manufacturing-grease will also be inside the container.

The easy way:

– If you don’t have coke around, you can just wash the BBs in some hot soap-water. This should normally be enough to get the grease of, but by using coke you’ll be sure to get it all off.

– After some hours ins the hot soap-water dry them on a clean towel. You can also dry them off inside a clean sock.


We hope this guide gave you some useful information.

Remember: Clean and wash your BBs. You never really know how much filth / grease that follows with the manufacturers packaging. By washing your BBs you’ll be sure that your gun and BBs performs as good as they can.

Some great BBs for Airsoft Sniping:

Aftermath Blaster Devil 0.43g BBs

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